Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I was never a fan of "pink" or "flowers"...and then I met this natural, earthy...subtle Linen. ahhh. pink and flowers can be SO pretty!

I love adding "compartments" to my bags...makes me feel like I'm attempting some sort of organization. hmmm, at least I can say I'm trying!

OMG, I am seriously addicted to sewing. I will admit it, maybe I need help. But there are so many amazing tutorials online and so many folks are willing to share! I don't know if I will ever stop, and maybe...I don't want to. ;-)

I would like to thank Anna from Noodleheads for sharing this tutorial on this Gathered Clutch. So cute, and the fun thing is that I can learn from it an make my own adaptations! I love sewing! here is her link to her Blog...check her out, so much great info!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new Double Zip Wristlet wallet.
My Cell Phone are Key Chain Bags... SEW Cute! ;-)
I didn't realize sewing could be addicting! Can't eat, MUST sew...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The New LOVE of my Life.... Sewing.

Here's the New love of my life, sewing. I think I like it so much because you can start a project without knowing exactly what you're doing... which is something I've done my entire life, start something without knowing the exact way it should be. I guess I love the challenge.
I like to travel light. A day trip to Oahu, or even overnight...I don't want to weighted down by a lot of luggage. So, I made this Make-up Roll up Bag. Make-up goes in, the bag rolls up...Easy Peasy. This fabric is Rust toned birds and butterflies Batik and a Woodsey earth-toned lining Batik fabric. I think I will list it on Etsy. :-) I realized that you can also use this roll up for art supplies, pencils and such.